Watch | A ₹10 meal in Chennai inspired by Ramu Thatha – The Hindu

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When a Chennai businessman read about the death of Madurai’s Ramu Thatha and how he ran a budget canteen, he was inspired to replicate the same in his own city.

Mukesh Khubchandani and his team did the groundwork and set up a 345 sq ft kitchen on Ritchie Street all within the next 30 days.

Operations started in the kitchen in August and 100 meals were sold per day, during the initial days.

Each meal parcel was priced at ₹10 and contained rice, sambhar, rasam, buttermilk and vegetables, all packed separately.

As word spread, more people from nearby places started coming in. Currently, over 300 meals are being sold every day, and the number is increasing.

The demand has made Mr. Khubchandani hire two persons to be in charge of the kitchen and four others to help in the packaging.

He is now looking to set up a restaurant within the next six months where sit-in meals will cost ₹30 and take-aways ₹10.