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CHENNAI: The tussle between dog lovers and the IIT Madras management has aggravated ever since feeding restrictions were imposed from September to save wildlife in the sprawling green campus.  

Now, moving a step further, IIT Madras has decided to charge fines and even cancel the accommodation of residents who are found feeding stray dogs outside the designated locations and time slots.

In an official circular issued on October 22, accessed by The New Indian Express, the deputy registrar of the institute said a lot of complaints were received from the campus community regarding feeding of dogs at non-designated locations/times.

“Hence, it has been decided to enforce strict implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outlined in the circular dated September 17 based on complaints registered. Dog feeding at places other than designated location/time by authorised dog feeders will be curtailed henceforth and will be treated as a breach of estate rules as they are, per se, prejudicial to the maintenance of the harmonious relations with their neighbors/maintenance of peace/sanitation in the campus. Accordingly, the breach of rules shall invite penalties,” the circular reads.

For a first-time violation, Rs 1,000 will be charged with an issue of warning memo. Second-time violations will attract Rs 2,000 fine besides cancellation of dog feeder cards, while a third violation would result in a fine of Rs 4,000 and make them liable to face action to vacate the hostel premises. All fines will be deducted from the salary of the licensee, officials said.

Apart from imposing penalties, necessary penal action may be taken to cancel the allotment of the quarters/hostel accommodation. Further, those who have been issued with dog feeder cards are also liable for penalties as well as cancellation of such cards, if the terms of issue of the card are violated. Outsiders/non-residents of the campus found feeding dogs will be denied entry to the campus thereafter.

The Permanent Committee appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has identified 14 feeding areas for dogs and IIT Madras also formed a 15-member Wildlife Monitoring Sub-Committee to check and report on the unauthorised feeding on the campus to the Permanent Committee.

AWBI issues notice to IIT Madras

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has issued a notice to IIT Madras on allegations of illegal catching and impounding of stray dogs in the campus.

AWBI has received a complaint alleging that Karunya Trust, which was engaged by IIT Madras, was impounding stray dogs in a closure and no one was allowed to visit the facility. Furthermore, it was also alleged that the dogs that were sterilised are being relocated to areas outside the campus.

SK Dutta, secretary of AWBI, said this was against the provisions of the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 which mandates that the dogs shall be released at the same place or locality from where they were captured for sterilization.

AWBI has requested IIT Madras to contact Chennai Corporation or Blue Cross of India to institute a scientific animal control programme to control the dog population in the campus. The board has sought an action taken report.

Meanwhile, the southern bench of NGT will be hearing a petition filed by animal activist Antony Clement Rubin on October 29, where IIT Madras is expected to submit a report.

Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/2020/oct/26/iit-madras-to-fine-cancel-accommodation-of-residents-feeding-dogs-in-non-designated-areas-2215202.html