From the Archives (November 13, 1920): Archaeology in Madras(From an editorial) – The Hindu

Chennai News

One of the results of national awakening in India is the increasing interest among Indian research scholars to acquire thorough knowledge of ancient Indian civilisation. The attempts of the Government Archaeological Survey have resulted in considerable success; but the work done within the short period of the activities of the department is nothing when compared with what is yet to be done in future. The Superintendent of the Archaeological Survey Department, Southern Circle, Madras, in his annual progress report for the year 1919-20 observes that there are yet a number of ancient sites in this Presidency that should be excavated by the department but the difficulty is to find time for this kind of work as it means going into camp and remaining in one place for two or three months at a time with the result that the conversation and inspection work suffers in consequence. The demand is therefore made by the Superintendent for an assistant or even a “competent clerk of works” and it should be favourably considered as he himself is of opinion that much more might then be done in the direction of excavation than is possible at present. The work of conservation appears to have been attended to. The allotment for the year was Rs. 33,000 and the total sum spent was Rs. 37,819-9-10. Rs. 4819-9-10 was thus spent in excess of the budget allotment, it is said.