Phone numbers of night duty officers of Chennai Police circulated on social media – The Hindu

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The phone numbers of police officers on night patrol are sent to the public daily so that they can contact them in case of emergency.

The initiative was first launched at Adyar and T. Nagar and then extended to all police districts in the city. Every day, a night duty roster is prepared by a senior officer and communicated to the control room. The law and order and traffic police release the roster separately. The phone numbers are circulated on social media and WhatsApp groups.

A senior officer said, “The idea is to release the list of our officers on night rounds for the public to call up the officers concerned in case of any emergency or disturbance or motor vehicle accident. The officer concerned will quickly render assistance. This facility is in addition to the existing control room numbers.”

Two officers of the rank of Deputy Commissioners are deployed to supervise the night rounds every day, and 12 Assistant Commissioners and 35 inspectors are assigned duties, besides other policemen.