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For some years now, the run-up to Diwali has been pretty explosive across social media largely because of the touchy issue of fireworks. Even when schoolchildren took a pledge to avoid fireworks because of the
child labour used to produce them, adults complained. And now that the Supreme Court, and several state governments, have imposed restrictions on fireworks in a bid to reduce air pollution, the debate has shifted to religion, and the belief that banning fireworks is somehow

Be that as it may, the fact is that fireworks do have an adverse impact on air quality. The question is whether this impact is long-lasting or if, like the smoke, it dissipates overnight. The answer to that depends on where one lives. Delhi, and swathes of northern India, for instance, will not see air quality improve for a variety of reasons. Coastal cities like Chennai, on the other hand, see only a temporary worsening of air quality, as data analyst Rishabh Srivastava showed on the night of Diwali itself.

The night of Diwali, November 4, saw Chennai blanketed in smog. This was due to a combination of high humidity thanks to the monsoon, and the smoke from fireworks.

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