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Crowdsourcing platform Urban Risk Map (RiskMap India)  has been reactivated to help citizens of Chennai keep a track of flooded and water logged areas in the recent floods that have halted life in the city.

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A Tata Centre Project developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the platform was reactivated upon request by IIT Madras professor Balaji Narasimhan, from the Department of Civil Engineering for allowing collection of flooding, waterlogging and inundation data from the public across the Chennai region.


It basically makes use of citizen-based reporting via social media to help keep track of regions that are affected or need immediate attention and offer remedial measures in real-time. The platform also has access to real-time sensor information and visualises info like changing water levels in flood gauges, monitoring wells as well as pumping stations. 

chennai floods
RiskMap India

The platform went live in 2017 and was deactivated in 2019. only to be powered on once again in this recent calamity. 

IIT Madras is working with the Greater Chennai Corporation, PWD Tamil Nadu and other government departments to help those in need.

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How does this work?

The citizen first needs to visit in.riskmap.org. Here you get a bird’s eye view of the locations that are affected and locations that seem alright. In case someone wants to highlight an issue in the location, they need to tap the ‘Share Report’ button on the top left corner.

riskmap india chennai flood

Upon tapping, it’ll show a ‘Twitter’ tab (as of now only Twitter was available), and clicking on it will take the user to the DM section of the app. Here the citizen can either Report Flood, Report Road Closure or Report Typhoon Damage.

Clicking on Report flood will show you an option in chat for ‘Share Report’. Clicking on the link will take you to the map where it will ask you to fix the accurate location where you want to report the issue. 

riskmap india chennai flood
RiskMap India

After selecting the area, hit next and you’ll see a graphic image where a slider on the right allows you to either increase or decrease the height of water. Next, it’ll ask you to add an image followed by a text box to offer more information on the flooding. After that, you just need to click on ‘Send Observation’.

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