Install CCTV cameras in all spas and massage centres: Madras high court – Times of India

Chennai News

CHENNAI: The Madras high court has directed the Tamil Nadu DGP to ensure installation of ‘functional’ CCTV cameras in all spas and massage centres in the state.
“The DGP shall issue appropriate directions to ensure that these spas, massage centres and therapy centres are conducting their business activities in a transparent manner and avoid secluded or closed rooms that would pave the way for illegal activities,” Justice S M Subramaniam said.
The court passed the order while rejecting a plea moved by C P Girija, who runs an ayurvedic therapy centre at ECR seeking to restrain Chennai police from interfering with her business activities.
“This court is of the considered opinion that there are large scale allegations in public domain against such ayurvedic spas and massage centres. On information, police are empowered to conduct inspections. If any doubt arises, they are bound to conduct inspections to verify the business activities,” the court said.
Therefore, if CCTVs were installed, it would be convenient for the authorities to verify the footage to ensure that such massage centres were conducting lawful business alone, the judge said.
The court added that the powers and actions of the law enforcing agencies could not be curtailed unnecessarily thereby paving the way for any illegal activities by any person in the name of a spa or a massage centre. Such prevention was not only unconstitutional but resulted in encouragement of crimes in the society, the judge added.