State objects to AP’s proposal on drinking water to Chennai – The Hindu

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Telangana has strongly objected to a proposal by Andhra Pradesh suggesting Tamil Nadu to have separate water drawal system at Srisailam for taking drinking water to Chennai.

It has also asked AP to supply additional 6 tmcft of water supply to Chennai as requested by Tamil Nadu from Kandaleru reservoir.

In response to AP’s suggestion of drawing water from Srisailam to given 6 tmcft additional water sought by Tamil Nadu, Telangana officials said AP had diverted huge water this year till Kandaleru and Chennai could be given water from there.

Telangana has also opposed AP’s suggestion that Tamil Nadu have a dedicated water drawal (lift) system at Srisailam to take water to Chennai without any problem in future.

A virtual meeting of officials and engineers was held by the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on Thursday on drinking water supply to Chennai. Officials and engineers of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra participated in the virtual meet chaired by Member-Secretary of the river board D.M Raipure.

Karnataka and Maharashtra have requested the river board to remove them from the committee on drinking water supply to Chennai and asked the board to deduct 10 tmcft of water, 5 each from Karantaka and Maharashtra, from their assured allocation for the purpose.

Officials representing Telangana have brought to the river board’s notice that AP had already diverted huge quantity of water from Srisailam this water year and it could give additional water to Chennai as requested by Tamil Nadu.

On the proposal of pipeline from Kandeleru to Chennai (Poondi reservoir), Telangana has made it clear that it would spell its opinion once it received the detailed project report on it.