Petrol price crosses ₹110 in Chennai city – The Hindu

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With State-run oil marketing companies hiking fuel prices, the price of petrol in Chennai crossed ₹110 per litre and diesel ₹100 per litre. 

The hikes have been happening since the 22nd of last month when the price of petrol and diesel went up by over ₹6 a litre. 

The saga continues and petrol price has risen from ₹101/litre to ₹110.09/litre and diesel from ₹91.43 to ₹100.18/litre in Chennai city making the common man think twice before commuting. 

Vijayakumar, who runs a school van, said he had only restarted his business after two years of lockdown and the hike came as a huge burden to him. “Even parents are unable to pay full fees saying they have had pay cuts. The number of students too has come down. How will parents pay us more if such hikes happen? My family just managed to survive during the lockdown. They say the hike will be more. We can only hope that the government will take steps to reduce the prices,” he said. 

Other parts of the State witnessed slightly higher rates due to distance from the refinery. In Cuddalore, a litre of petrol cost ₹112.19 and diesel 102.22. on Tuesday. In Tiruchy, it was ₹110.54 a litre of petrol and ₹100.66 a litre of diesel. In Madurai, dealers sold petrol at ₹110.67/litre and diesel at ₹100.78/litre In Hosur, the rates were ₹112.07/litre of petrol and ₹102.13/litre of diesel. 

Petrol with higher octane levels for premium cars and bikes sold at ₹115/litre. B. Narayanan, who owns a bike that uses higher octane petrol, said he has not taken a ride in the past two weeks. “I just start it, let it run for a few minutes and stop at that. Fuel prices are taking away the pleasure of the ride. I have reduced my commutes now,” he said.