HT This Day: April 10, 1952 — C. R. forms ministry in Madras – Hindustan Times

Chennai News

A 15-member cabinet for Madras, headed by Mr C. Rajagopalachari, will be sworn in tomorrow morning. This will be the largest Cabinet Madras has had so far.

The announcement of the personnel of the Cabinet followed a 45-minute meeting of Mr Rajagopalachari with the State Governor, Mr Sri Prakasa, at Raj Bhavan tonight.

Mr A. B. Shetty is the only Minister in the care-taker Government who is included in the new Cabinet.

Mr M. A. Manickavelu Naicker, who was elected to the State Assembly on the Commonweal Party ticket, is the only “outsider” in the Congress Ministry.

Mr Naicker, who met Mr Rajagopalachari today for the third time, told newsmen he would be shortly clarifying the position of his party in relation to the Congress in the legislature. The Commonweal Party has six members in the State Assembly.

Mr Rajagopalachari told Pressmen later he had nothing ‘to say until he was sworn in tomorrow.

The allocation of portfolios is expected to be announced tomorrow.

The new Ministry consists of it members from the Assembly and three from the Upper House.

A communique from Raj Bhavan said the Governor would be accepting the resignations of Mr P. S. Kumaraswami Raja, Chief Minister, and his colleagues in the care-taker Ministry with effect from tomorrow.

The personnel of the new MinIistry are: Mr C. Rajagopalachari, M.L.C., Mr A. B. Shetty, M.L.A., Mr C. Subramaniam, M.L.A., Mr K. Venkataswami Naidu, M.L.A., Mr N. Ranga Reddi, M.L.C., Dr M. V. Krishna Rao, M.L.C., Mr V. C. Palaniswami Gounder, M.L.A., Dr U. Krishna Rao, M.L.A., Dr R. Naganna Goud, M.L.A., Mr N. Sankara Reddi, M.L.A., Mr M. A. Manickavelu Naicker, M.L.A., Mr K ) P. Kuttikrishna Nair, M.L.A., Raja i Sri Shanmuga Rajeswara Sethupathi, M.L.A. (Raja of Ramnad); Mr S. P. Pattabhirama Rao, M.L.A., Mr D. Sanjeevaya, M.L.A. (Harijan).

Barring Mr Rajagopalachari and Mr Shetty, all the rest are newcomers to the Ministry. However, Mr N. Sankara Reddi of Kurnool was Parliamentary Secretary in the Congress Cabinet of 1947, headed by Mr Prakasam. Mr Reddi is aged 53 and has been elected to the Assembly from Kurnool for the General seat.

Mr D. Sanjeevaya (30), elected to the Assembly from the same constituency for the Reserved seat, is probably the youngest in the Cabinet. He was sitting member of Parliament till his election to the Assembly.

Mr Pattabhirama Rao and Raja Shanmuga Rajeswara Sethupathi, commonly known as the Raja of Kapileswarapuram and Ramnad, respectively, represent zamindari interests in Andhra and Tamil Nad.

Mr C. Subramaniam was also a member of Parliament. A practising lawyer, he was President of the Coimbatore District Congress Committee. He is now a member of Tamil Nad Congress Committee and A.I.C.C.


The former Mayors of Madras city, Mr Venkataswami Naidu and Dr U. Krishna Rao, find a place in the Cabinet.

Mr Naidu is Deputy Chairman of the Upper House. He has now been elected to the Assembly from the city constituency.

Dr Krishna Rao, who is 51 and defeated Mr Prakasam, from a city constituency, is a medical practitioner. He is Vice-President of the Indian Medical Association and edits two health journals.

Dr M. V. Krishna Rao is a member of the Senate and Syndicate of Andhra University.

Mr Ranga Reddi was a former President of the Cuddappah District Board. He has been re-elected to the State Upper House.

Next to Mr Rajagopalachari, Mr V. C. Palaniswami Gounder, aged 64, is the senior most member in the Cabinet. He is actively connected with local bodies and presently the President of the Coimbatore District Congress Committee.

Mr Naganna Goud, who is 57 and hails from Bellary, was President of the Karnataka Provincial Congress Committee during 1941-42.

Mr Kuttikrishna Nayar, elected I to the Assembly from Kohikode, represents Malabar in the Ministry.