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CHENNAI: California-headquartered Mitsogo Inc, a provider of unified endpoint security solutions and maker of Hexnode, has set up a new office in Chennai.
With a capacity of around 450 workstations and rooms and spread across 40,000 square feet, the new workplace located in DLF IT Park, Chennai, is currently the biggest of the company’s six offices worldwide.
Hexnode, which first established its presence in India via its Kochi office in 2013, opened a temporary office in Chennai in September last while its bigger office was being built.
Mitsogo had earlier told TOI that it was planning to hire 250 freshers by 2022. Currently the company has hired more than 160 people and plans to continue its hiring through the year.
The company also mentioned earlier that it has revamped its salary packages with fresher packages for certain premium skills starting at Rs 9.5 lakh per annum and packages for other roles range between Rs. 6-7.5 lakh per annum.
“The talent pool in India is diverse, and we intend to bring both experienced and fresh resources into the field. Being a product-based company, it isn’t easy to find the right talent, and once they join, their skills need to be fine-tuned. However, in these months of being in Chennai, the recruitment process has been a lot smoother. We were able to find impressive talent in bigger numbers and in a short span of time”, says Apu Pavithran, founder and CEO, Hexnode | Mitsogo.
The company saw almost a 200% revenue hike in the past year due to the increasing demand for more endpoint security solutions with a shift from office to ‘work from home’ environment.
Its future plans include a target for a further 200% increase in revenue.
This is Mitsogo’s second office in India, with the first in Kochi, Kerala, where it has more than 250 employees, of which a majority part of the team is for product development. The company also has offices in Australia and Germany.
The enterprise security SaaS firm competes with titans like Microsoft, VMware, and others with its product Hexnode. Mitsogo’s device management expertise to boost productivity and compliance has been leveraged by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500s.