Tamil Nadu Covid News Live Updates: IIT-Madras cluster adds 32 more cases; tally rises to 111 – Times of India

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“This study gathers evidence to push for health policies and strategies that can offer better universal healthcare. We must ensure people get the right treatment at the right time for all ailments without hindrance. Something that was not possible during a pandemic,” he added. The city death registry showed that between January 2016 and June 2021, 3.3 lakh deaths occurred in Chennai, including 2.6 lakh within areas corresponding to pre-2019 district boundaries. Of these 2.6 lakh deaths, nearly 88,000 occurred during the pandemic and around 25,990 deaths (17,700 in the second wave) were estimated to be ‘excess’. Throughout the pandemic, Chennai recorded 8,167 deaths. The number of excess deaths increased with age. For instance, there were 0.4 excess deaths per 1.000 people in the 30-39 years age group, which increased to 2.26 in people aged 40-49 years. There were 21.02 excess deaths per 1,000 people for individuals aged 60–69 years, 39.74 for those aged 70–79 years, and 96.90 for those aged 80 or older.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/tamil-nadu-chennai-weather-covid-19-cases-school-reopening-news-live-updates-26-april-2022/liveblog/91088136.cms