Chennai: Three students post clips posing with machetes & skeletal remains, held – Times of India

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CHENNAI: Three college students who posted Instagram reels (short videos), posing with machetes and skeletal remains at a Cemetery in Chitlapakkam, off Chennai were arrested by police on Thursday after the video went viral.
The 27-second-video starts with an image of a skull and proceeds with the trio posing with their friends and individually with the machete in their hands and kissing the weapon.
As the video went viral, police tracked down the youth- Saravanan, 20, Ranganathan, 19 and Srinivasan, 20 of Krishnapuram in Chitlapakkam- students at a city college.
The youth told police that they had visited the cemetery two days ago to consume liquor when they found skeletal remains and clicked pictures of the same. They then created a video by posing with a machete and added a Tamil song in the background to elevate their image among friends, police said.
The video indeed attracted a lot of eyeballs, garnering more than a lakh views within a minute of the youth posting it in their social media accounts. As the video went viral, several people pointed to the youth misusing the medium and asked them to take the video down.
Chitlapakkam police arrested the youth.
“We have warned them to refrain from posting such videos in future. In recent times, several youth are found posing with weapons and machetes without realizing that it is an offence,” said a police officer