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CHENNAI: Chennai seems to be an emerging hotspot for rave parties, featuring internationally popular DJs, organised at resorts and hotels and in the recent case on Saturday night, on the expansive terrace of a city mall.
Popular among teens, the parties are widely advertised in social media as ‘DJ nights’, pool parties, “come to heaven”, “rock and roll” nights among others, where all norms with respect to age restriction are thrown to the wind. Unlimited drinks are offered for the patrons for an entry fee of 1,500-2,000.
However, police claim that these parties are organized without their knowledge. The Mexican disc jockey, Eduardo Neto alias Mandragora, who was the attraction of the night on Saturday, when a techie died of suspected drug overdose, posted on his instagram page (@holasoyneto)- “F the police”, when police stopped the party, attracting similar comments from his followers.
The police busted two rave parties in less than two months — one in Anna Nagar on Saturday and another at Mamallapuram.
Party drugs such as LSD, heroin, cocaine are in high demand at these rave parties among the youngsters. Peddlers ensure that they are offered for those who can afford them to go with the psychedelic music, police said.
Majority of the participants are underaged and the organisers do not seem to bother though rules say that only those above the age of 21 should be served alcohol.
“Earlier these parties were mainly happening closer to the festive season, but now it has turned out to be a weekend affair. And moreover, with the absence of adequate legal space, they find place on farm houses, resorts and rooftop spaces often illegally,” said Vikram, a college student.
Narcotics intelligence bureau officials said that the drugs are sourced in from other states in smaller quantities by college students, as there are no stringent checks.
“We have formed special teams to look out for such party announcements on social media handles. We know that drugs are used, but seizure is difficult, as most of them manage to conceal or dispose them in case of a raid,” the official said.