Smugglers dump over 9kg gold in plane, Chennai airport loo – Times of India

Chennai News

CHENNAI: Chennai air customs officials have launched a search for suspects who abandoned smuggled gold worth Rs4.5 crore inside the lavatory of an aircraft that came from Dubai, the airport washroom and garbage bins on Friday.
Based on a tip on gold being smuggled in, air customs officials examined the passengers who came from Dubai. Despite a thorough search of all passengers and their belongings nothing could be found. Officials then checked the flight and the washrooms near the immigration check.
They discovered at least 60 parcels abandoned inside the lavatory on the flight, inside the washroom, and in garbage bins on the airport premises.
Officials examined the parcels and found more than 9 kg of gold in bars and paste stuffed in tubes.
They have registered a case and launched a search for the suspects. They have collected CCTV camera footage from the flight and the airport exit points to track the people dumping these parcels inside the bins and washrooms.
Inquiries revealed that some crew of the international flight might have come to know about the intelligence input and informed the suspects. Further investigations are on.