Chennai Corporation engineers develop equipment to open manholes without damaging them – Times of India

Chennai News
Mayor Priya Rajan inspects the equipment

CHENNAI: Greater Chennai Corporation engineers have invented hydraulic equipment which can open manholes in a safe manner without damaging them.
The cost-effective equipment has two chains fitted on a steel rod. The chains are locked on the two hinges of the manhole.
The steel rod is connected to a hydraulic vertical bar which can compress and expand. The hydraulic bar, connected to a manual knob, will move up uniformly when manual pressure is given resulting in the manhole opening.
Officials hope the equipment will not damage the handles of the manhole. Presently, the corporation is using steel rods to manually lift the manhole. This leads to breaking of the handles.
Mayor R Priya Rajan on Friday inspected the equipment. She said manholes could be opened easily with the leverage method and hydraulic pressure.


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