IIT-Madras students receive ‘record-high job offers’ – Times of India

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CHENNAI: IIT-Madras students received the highest number of job offers during the 2021-22 placement season, with 380 companies offering 1,199 job offers. In addition, students also received 231 pre-placement offers through internships taking the total to 1,430 job offers.
This includes 45 international offers from 14 companies. As many as 131 startups had made 199 offers during the phase I and II of campus placement, a release from IIT-Madras said.
It further said all the 61 MBA students were placed leading to 100% placement for the department of management studies.
The previous highest was in 2018-19 when students received 1,151 job offers.
This year the average salary received by students is Rs 21.5lakh a year and the highest pay package was Rs 1.98 crore.
As many as 80% of students who opted for campus placements received job offers during placement 2021-22.
“We are thrilled that our students have done exceptionally well in 2021-22 placement that have led to record-high job offers,” said C S Shankar Ram, advisor (placement), IIT-Madras.
Of 45 international offers, 11 came from Rakuten Mobile Inc while companies like Glean, Micron Technologies and Honda R and D, Accenture Japan, Uber also made international offers.
This year, 42% of students were placed in core engineering sectors while 17% of students were placed in data science and analytics and another 17% were placed in IT sector.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/iit-madras-students-receive-record-high-job-offers/articleshow/93426505.cms