Madras HC: ‘Is it right to sell Aavin milk in plastic packets?’ – The Hindu

Chennai News

The Madras High Court on Friday asked the State government to explain why Aavin, the popular brand owned by Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited, should not stop selling milk in plastic packets and instead use glass bottles or paper cartons.

Justices S. Vaidyanathan and P.T. Asha raised the question to Additional Advocate General (AAG) J. Ravindran during the hearing of a revision petition filed by plastic manufacturers against certain plastic products that had been banned by the State government.

The AAG said, the government was committed to eradicating all harmful products and that if plastic milk packets were found to be harmful, then they would certainly be replaced and sold in glass bottles as it was done years ago. He agreed to obtain instructions from the government.

Justice Asha pointed out Amul and a few other brands sell milk in paper cartons. Seeking time to explore such possibilities, the AAG said, the officials had recently raided over 22,000 shops and seized 5,000 kgs of banned plastic from around 8,000 shops. They also collected Rs. 28 lakh towards fine.

Justice Vaidyanathan said, the officials must also keep a check on the quality of packaged drinking water sold in bottles and bubble top cans. He wanted to know which authority ensures that only good quality water, free from impurities, was sold in those cans. He asked the AAG to get instructions on this aspect too before the next hearing.