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Residents in 28 Assembly constituencies of the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA), covering 1,189, will start consultations with officials for the preparation of a vision document for the Third Master Plan 2027-2046.

As the expansion of the metropolitan planning area is expected to be notified shortly, a regional planning approach will be adopted in the expanded areas of the Chennai Metropolitan Planning Area (CMPA) and likely to be integrated with the Third Master Plan. Currently, the Master Plan efforts are focused on the existing CMA.

Housing and Urban Development Minister S. Muthusamy on Monday launched the process of stakeholder engagement for the preparation of the vision document. The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) on Monday also launched a workshop and consultation to solicit the views of various stakeholders in the city.

Stakeholders, including residents, have been requested to give their views online at . The information will help the CMDA understand citizen perceptions on the future vision for the CMA. Residents will also be permitted to give suggestions to officials during the public consultations.

Launching the portal, Mr. Muthusamy said the officials of the CMDA would visit every village in the metropolitan area to get suggestions from residents. “Public consultation is very important. Residents will be able to give innovative ideas about urban planning,” the Minister said.

Pointing to the need for widening of arterial roads, such as Anna Salai, he said the master plan would facilitate planned urban development in newly-developing areas and prevent the need for frequent widening of roads in the future. Stressing the need for urban development of villages, Mr. Muthusamy said, “We are also planning to implement land pooling for development of villages along 62 km of Outer Ring Road.”

Speaking about redevelopment, Mr. Muthusamy said the Chief Minister had directed officers to redevelop old projects of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB). “Many TNHB houses that were constructed more than 30 years ago are dilapidated,” he said.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Hitesh Kumar Makwana said the work to prepare the Third Master Plan, a statutory document, would start this year. “Amendment of rules will be done to add items that were not in the rules, such as GIS and coastal zone management. We will notify the rules in April, and the plan will be notified between December 2025 and April 2026,” he said. “Master plans for other areas, such as Hosur, have been prepared. Coimbatore is ready. Over 20 master plans will be prepared in the State,” he added.

The Third Master Plan will be prepared only for 1,189 The boundary expansion of the CMA will be notified shortly. But the expanded area will only have regional planning, said Mr. Makwana.

CMDA Member Secretary Anshul Mishra stressed the need for sustainable development and economically vibrant, inclusive and climate-resilient planning in the CMA. The CMDA has planned to formulate a holistic, integrated master plan.

In pursuit of change, the CMDA would focus on transit-oriented development, land pooling and redevelopment, grid of roads, form-based codes, climate-resilient planning, tourism and waterfront development and heritage conservation, he said. CMDA would listen to the needs of residents and the long term plans of line agencies before the formulation of the Third Master Plan, Mr. Mishra said.

CMDA has started studies on land value and density distribution, review of the Tamil Nadu Combined Development and Building Rules, strategic institutional strengthening assessment and action plan for the CMDA, factual distribution of employment and income category and agglomeration economics, integrated blue green infrastructure and urban heat island effect ahead of the preparation of the Third Master Plan, he said.

“We have assessed the best practices in the vision statements of cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Manchester, Sydney and Seoul,” Mr. Mishra said.

Revenue Secretary Kumar Jayant said the consultation should involve other departments ahead of the preparation of the Third Master Plan.

Representatives from the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disability and local bodies participated and gave suggestions, including economic development of native population, heritage tourism, solid waste management, women safety and priority for accessibility in every segment. The visioning process for the Third Master Plan included analysis of economic development, housing growth, traffic and transportation, infrastructure, safety and security, resilience, heritage and technology with gender equality as the central aspect.