Food delivery executives return to work in Chennai although their demands not yet met – The Hindu

Chennai News

Normal operations of online food delivery resumed in the city on Monday as a number of Swiggy delivery executives started logging in after being on strike for the last few days.

“The number of delivery executives in the city is estimated at 3,500. Many of them resumed deliveries on Monday. We had protested against the new decision on timing and incentives. Most delivery executives who logged in on Monday said they were okay with the incentives. But the problem was with the timings. We have to work for a longer time now. But we had no option. We cannot sustain the protest,” said S. Vijay, a delivery executive.

M. Ravi, president of the Chennai Hotels’ Association and chairman of Vasanta Bavan hotels, said over 75% of the orders resumed on Monday. “The loss of 90% was reported in the past few days because of the strike. We did not know where the customer went during these few days. Swiggy is famous in south India. So, the loss was huge because of the strike,” he said.

K.T. Srinivasa Raja, Managing Director, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, said more than 85% of the normal operations had resumed on Monday. “During the past few days, there was a spike in Zomato operations because of the strike,” he said.

Normal services

According to a statement from Swiggy, normal operations resumed on Monday. The payout structure is created to provide more flexibility to the delivery executives while ensuring that they are able to earn well, irrespective of the platform orders.

“There are no changes to how much Swiggy’s delivery executives earn or how long they work,” the statement said.