Chennai Metro City all set to be trifurcated?,Chennai Metro City all set to be trifurcated? –

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Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has decided to trifurcate the Chennai Metro City into 3 parts – North, South, and Central.

Presently, Chennai Metro City covers an area of 1189 sq km (Square Kilometres). The previous AIADMK Government had planned to Increase the area from 1189 sq km to 8877 sq km converting Chennai Metro City into the country`s second-largest city!

In this scenario, the present DMK Government, headed by M. KI. Stalin as the Chief Minister has planned to reorganize the Chennai Metro City and increase the Metro City area to 5904 sq km.

In other words, the Chennai Metro City will be expanded from the present 1189 sq km to 5904 sq km.  Further, it is proposed that Chennai Metro City will be trifurcated – Chennai Metro City (North0, Chennai Metro City (Central) and Chennai Metro City (South).

A review meeting on the restructuring of the Chennai Metro City was scheduled yesterday (Tuesday, 27th September) to be presided over by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. However, it has now been announced that this meeting is postponed to next month and there are prospects that the review meeting on the restructuring of the Chennai Metro City will be conducted after the Ayudha Pooja/Navarathri holiday after 5th October.

The officials shared that this plan will not include the earlier proposed expansion plan and a detailed fresh expansion plan will be made!

Chennai Metro City North will comprise Gummidipundi, Ponneri, Oothukkottai, Tiruthani (a part), Arkonam (a part), Thiruvallur (a part), and Srperumpudhur consisting of 8 Taluks and covering 2908 sq km.

Chennai Metro City (South) will comprise Kanchipuram, Wallajabad, Chengalpattu, Thirukkazhukkundram, Thirupporur, Kundrathur (a part) and Vandalur (a part) covering 1809 sq km.

For the 2 sections mentioned above (North and south), there will be 2 separate Zonal Offices. Further, the planning of the expanded areas restructuring will be linked to the Chennai Metro City (Central)!

In this situation, the retired Professor of Engineering of Anna University, K. P. Subramanian has opined that the necessity to expand the Chennai Metro city must be explained in detail. He suggests that an independent and neutral committee should be formed after ascertaining experts` opinions.

Further, CMDA has still not completed some of the activities in Phase-1 and Phase-2. It is still not clear whether the Phase-1 and Phase-2 Chennai Metro City Expansion plan would be cancelled and whether infrastructure for the expanded plan will be taken up fresh altogether!

“>At the same time, the President of the Association of Professional Town Planners (APTP) president K M Sadanand has observed that the trifurcation of Chennai Metro City will NOT bring any change!

K M Sadanand further observed that a detailed review and analysis must be conducted regarding the development of the Chennai Metro City and then only expansion must be carried out. The planning MUST be for the next 20 years! This is because the planned expansion is 4 times more than the recent area covered. A detailed review must be carried out as to how to administer the proposed expanded area. As such, the review must be extensive and MUST include ALL ASPECTS!