In Chennai, kolu goes under water – The Hindu

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For this Navaratri season, VGP Marine Kingdom on the East Coast Road in Chennai has set up an underwater Kolu. The dolls kept on display were specially crafted for the purpose.

“It was quite challenging to put this together. We had to consider several parameters like the fish should not knock off the dolls and statues. We did several trials to ensure that the staircase does not get soaked. The team tested this in salt water for 3-4 days before the actual display,” said VGP Ravidas, Managing Director of the VGP Group.

“Each of the dolls have a special coating so that the paint does not wear off when it is inside the water. Holes were pierced so that water can pass through the dolls. We also did several trials to ensure that the dolls do not float,” he said.

The Kolu at the VGP Marine Kingdom has seven steps (9 feet length and 7 feet height) housing 55 dolls. Since inception, VGP Marine Kingdom has been experimenting with innovative ideas. In the past, it had a scuba Lord Ganesha and during the Christmas season the team put up a Scuba Santa.

“Most people visit us during festival holidays and we want to give them the festive feel and look,” Mr. Ravidas said.