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CHENNAI: Powered by innovation and high growth potential, Taiwan has spread its branches to India and touched our lives in everyday devices from the basics to the most sophisticated. The Taiwan influence in the country doesn’t stop here; it widens to areas of business, agriculture, space science, medical field and all kinds of innovations.

The 111th Double Tenth Day celebration of Taiwan by Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) in Chennai at Taj Coromandel on Thursday presented the cultural similarities between the two countries, fostered the friendship they share, and encouraged collaboration for development. 

Growing bilateral relations
Addressing the gathering of Taiwanese and Indian citizens, Ben Wang, director-general, TECC in Chennai, shared, “Taiwan and India are natural allies with shared values in many aspects, upholding human rights and the rule of law. When Taiwan has capital, talent and technology, India provides it with the resources, labour and land.” Praising India for the warmth and reception that had been given to him for the past two years and eight months, Wang added, “India has a massive and lucrative market with great potential for development. The country will surely become the world’s economic centre in this decade.” 

Paying tribute to all the state governments in south India for the support they have given to Taiwanese companies and investors, he made a sincere request to all the state governments to continue drafting a policy on the establishment of a supply chain, ecosystem and incentive schemes to attract more investors from Taiwan to set up factories and bases in south India.

Emphasising on the relationship between Tamil Nadu and Taiwan, S Krishnan, additional chief secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu, said, “I think we should be in a position soon to call it a special relationship in terms of having a large number of industries functioning out of Tamil Nadu and contributing to the very strong economic, commercial and cultural ties between the two places. Till the mid-60s, the per capita income of Taiwan was perhaps below India’s. In a matter of 30 years, the East Asian miracle happened.

Taiwan along with South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, leapfrogged several levels and they are where they are today. Taiwan is now probably in the top twenty economies of the world in terms of per capita income. It is an inspiration because it means that consistent double digit growth for a sustained two or three decades is something that can be achieved for a state like Tamil Nadu.” Member of Parliament, Thamizhachi Thangapandian and MLA, Dr TRB Rajaa spoke about Taiwan’s friendship and bond with India with a focus on business, industry, culture, agriculture and tourism. 

Pledge for prosperity
Pledging that the office, TECC, will play a constructive role to help Taiwanese businessmen engage in various exchanges and collaboration with all the state governments in south India in particular, and further, the friends and the mutually beneficial ties between the two countries, Wang summed up, “As a responsible member of the international community, Taiwan will definitely continue to make contributions to regional development, peace and prosperity, no matter what challenges and difficulties we face.”

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