Tamil Nadu logging over 4,000 Madras eye cases daily – The New Indian Express

Chennai News

By Express News Service

CHENNAI:  Every day, 4,000 to 4,500 cases of conjunctivitis commonly known as the Madras eye were being reported in government hospitals across Tamil Nadu. In Chennai alone, 80 to 100 people a day report eye infections, said Health Minister Ma Subramanian on Monday.

From the beginning of seasonal change till date, 1.50 lakh were treated for the infection, and of these numbers, no loss of vision was reported, said Subramanian. After reports of rising Madras eye cases in TN, the minister inspected the Government Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Egmore.

Speaking to media after the inspection, Subramanian said, 66 samples were sent to the King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research in Guindy. Adenovirus and enterovirus were detected in 56 samples. All government hospitals were instructed to display awareness boards or placards on conjunctivitis, he added. 

Noting that Salem and Dharmapuri logged more infections, the minister said, people should consult an ophthalmologist. “Do not self-medicate, as the usage of medicine depends on the individual. If the wrong ointment is used, eyes can be affected, and it may cause loss of vision. Don’t use medicine prescribed to other family members,” he instructed.

Government hospitals were instructed to treat patients separately. Symptoms include redness, watery eyes, itching, swelling, and sticking together of eyelids. The minister said, cases may dip from the first week of December. 

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