Gutka worth ₹71 crore seized in 17 months – Times of India

Chennai News

Chennai: In the past one and a half years, police recovered the banned gutka worth ₹71 crore in the state and arrested more than 53,000 people after registering cases against them.
In raids conducted from May 7, 2021, to December 9, 2022, police nabbed 53,235 gutka traders and smugglers and confiscated 769 motorcycles, 679 cars and four cars. Of the arrested, at least 52 people were detained under the stringent Goondas Act. Police have so far registered 13,534 cases.
In the raids conducted against the trade in ganja during the same period, 18,569 ganja smugglers were arrested and police seized 35,496 kg of the narcotic that is worth ₹40.5 crore. Of those arrested, police have frozen bank accounts of 4,023 people. Police seized 1,648 bikes and 239 cars and at least 564 people were detained under the stringent Goondas Act.
Separately, in ganja raids conducted across the state from December 12 to 17 and 403 ganja traders were arrested. As part of this operation, 1,200 police personnel in the city were roped in for the war against ganja smugglers. “The enforcement has become effective which is reflected in the street trade in ganja,” commissioner Shankar Jiwal said recently. Police sources said that most of the ganja sold in the city is sourced from Andhra Pradesh and Tripura.