Latest about relaying more than 10000 roads in Chennai!!,Latest about relaying more than 10000 roads in Chennai!! –

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For repairing the roads in Chennai city, the GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation has got approval now.

It must be recalled that the CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr. MK. Stalin announced an amount of Rs 4699 crores for repairing the roads in the state of TN in the next 4 years. Now to relay as many as 2800 roads, GCC has sanctioned Rs 2035 crores.

It is noteworthy that the funds were to be granted under several schemes like State Finance Grant Rs 600 cr, TNRIF Rs 540 cr, Singara Chennai Rs 200 cr and Special Fund Rs 695 cr for 4 years. The municipal administration department has been requested by the  officers from GCC to sanction the entire amount at one go so that tenders would be called for all the damaged roads in the city in January and complete them before the summer season.

The civic body has been relaying about 4500 interior roads and 250 bus routes in the Chennai city roads. Point to be noted is that 34640 interior roads and 471 bus route roads stretch over 5657kms. At Least 11039 roads in Chennai were damaged even before the monsoon came. More than 10000 roads would be relayed in the city by the civic body and other roads would be patched up only.

Carrying out the SWD works on the roads during the NE monsoons and  after the cyclone have damaged many roads in the city and this was as per the Chennai Mayor R. Priya. While implementing other departments` development works also several roads were damaged.