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CHENNAI: Sheela (name changed) had to rush down to breastfeed her newborn kept in the incubator on the first floor, but to her horror, the three lifts on the AL Mudaliar Block at the Government Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Egmore, were either dysfunctional or not operated and she was forced to take the ramp to feed her baby.

Her’s is not an isolated incident. Hundreds of patients and attendees face such inconvenience daily.
Just recently, a woman who had undergone a C-section and was wheeled out of the operation theatre got stuck in a lift between the fourth and fifth floor for over an hour. Though the others in the lift were rescued using a rope, the woman had to wait till the lift was repaired. “I was shocked to see that. Not only this, another time, the hospital staff who got stuck between the basement and the ground floor while transporting food were rescued using ropes. It was scary,” said Sheela.

When TNIE visited the hospital recently, there was a long queue of patients, attendants, and the hospital housekeeping staff to take the lift marked for the patients. As soon as it stopped on the ground floor, the crowd had to run to get into the space. To make matters worse, a hospital staff who came down the lift kept shouting that the lift was shaky and it was scary.

When asked, the director in charge of the hospital, Dr T S Meena said “The lifts are very old. Despite regular maintenance, they break down frequently. So, I have requested the Director of Medical Education for new lifts.”

Recently, Health Minister Ma Subramanian got stuck in the lift at the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital along with others and ordered the suspension of engineers with the Public Works Department (PWD) for failing to carry out proper maintenance.