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Chennai: A restaurant near Little Mount was found displaying obscene text on its digital display board fixed outside the premises. When the issue was brought to the notice of the restaurant, the display was switched off and its connection was cut. The cybercrime police are conducting an inquiry and an FIR has not been filed yet. The text on the board was suggestive of sex trade
Police sources said investigations are on. Only after the inquiry is over, a case will be filed based on the findings, the police said.
The person in charge of the restaurant and the guest house situated on the second floor said that they did not know who or how the text on the digital board was changed. The person said that till last night the text was fine.
He said that as soon as a person from the street informed them about the text, they switched the board off and cut its connection. Later in the day, the board was removed.
Around 5pm on Saturday, members of the All India Democratic Women’s Association staged a protest outside the hotel condemning the act of putting obscene text on the display board. They demanded that the police take immediate action. TNN

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