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Here is a list of advisories that Chennai residents need to keep in mind before stepping out for New Year’s bash.

New Year’s celebrations will be allowed in public only from 6 pm on December 31 till 1 am on January 1. (Image for Representation)

By Akshaya Nath: Chennai residents are all set to ring the New Year. To ensure law and order is maintained in the city and to ensure a smooth celebratory environment for the revellers, Chennai Police have issued advisories for the city residents.

If you are planning on stepping out on New Year’s Eve, here are the restrictions you need to keep in mind:


-New Year’s celebrations will be allowed in public only from 6 pm on December 31 to 1 am on January 1

– No celebrations will be allowed for the public on the beaches. Marina and Elliot’s beaches will have heavy security and barricading in place

– City residents have been requested not to drink and drive at night. A QR code system has been introduced in a tie-up with Uber and inebriated individuals can use the QR Code to book cabs and go home

– Strict action will be taken against those who will be caught driving in an inebriated state

-Actions will be taken against those who are caught speeding or driving recklessly

-Adequate police protection will be in place around places of worship

-Police patrols will be arranged near the locked houses if those who are going to out-of-towns inform the nearest police station

-A list of restrictions has been given to venues that are hosting parties on New Year’s. The list includes no alcohol for underage youths and no drug sales. The location will be sealed if police finds any violations

-The violators will be monitored through patrol vehicles equipped with surveillance cameras

-Those who need urgent help have been requested to use the official app ‘Help’. The department has also requested the public to download the ‘Kaval Ushai’ app

-The fire department has also been kept on standby in case of an emergency

-The police department has been instructed to take appropriate action against those involved in dangerous activities, including bike races. Such incidents can be reported to the police on the toll-free number 100.

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