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The South Korean woman was taken to Chennai in a 9.30 pm flight from Karipur International airport, the other day.

Kozhikode International Airport | Photo: Mathrubhumi

Kozhikode: In an update to the suspected case of sexual assault in Karipur, a Korean woman who claimed to be the victim, was taken to Chennai by representatives of South Korea’s Chennai Consulate General Office.

The woman was taken to Chennai from Karipur International airport the other day. The action was taken after consulting with the doctors of Kuthiravattam Mental Health Centre, where she had been undergoing treatment.

The 38-year-old woman had initially revealed to a doctor of the hospital on the suspected sexual assault. She was handed over to the police by the airport security officials for not possessing a return ticket to Korea.

Kozhikode native Induja Aravind, a researcher at the consulate, along with the vice consul of consulate had come to Kozhikode in connection with the incident.

According to sources, the consulate is planning to move ahead with the case. The woman will be accommodated in Chennai and shifted to her home country soon.

“The Kozhikode Town Police has taken a very good approach regarding this case and we are fully satisfied with all the services,” said the consulate representative.

As the woman does not have money, she will be sent home only after contacting her relatives in South Korea.

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