In Chennai, sewage menace keeps over 100 families locked – Times of India

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CHENNAI: More than 100 families living on Nattu Subbarayan Street of Mylapore have not been able to come out of their houses, over the past month, due to the unbearable stench emanating from uncleared sewage.
Residents said the Metrowater sewage lines were damaged on the road, leading to overflow since last month.
During the repairing process, the Metrowater staff had dug up the sewage silt from the drainage and deposited them on the road.
“It has been lying uncollected for a month now. We cannot even step out. The stench is unbearable. The sewage outflow has not been stopped yet,” said M R Muthuswamy, a resident of the street.
He said the metro water staff have been unresponsive to complaints and it is difficult for senior citizens to walk on the road.
Another resident of the street, Nargunan, said they keep their kitchen windows locked because of the sewage. “We are afraid that the ground water will become contaminated as the sewage stagnant on the road oozes into the ground gradually. We have so far been getting fresh ground water and it would be affected,” he said.
Apart from that, the stagnant water and silt is inviting insects mainly mosquitoes.
“It is causing an health hazard for us. The metro water must fix the issue soon, as children and office-goers have to use the road regularly. Presently, it is incommutable,” he added.
Councillor of ward 124 K Vimala said she would look into the issue and bring the officials to the spot.