This might be the last week in Chennai with pleasant weather conditions in the day and night!!,This might be the last … –

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For the next 2 days, IMD or Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that the day temperatures would go to 30 degrees Celsius and the night temperatures would be 20 to 21 degrees Celsius in Chennai and its suburbs.

It is brought out by some weather bloggers that by next week the night temp might increase and would remain like that for the rest of the month. The reason for this would be due to the rains in the parts of south TN that is likely to bring cloudy skies in Chennai and this might trap the heat. So, this might be the last week with pleasant weather conditions in the city.

Information gathered is that some localities in Chennai would experience haze or mist in the next 24 hours and skies might be partly cloudy for the next 2 days. The incoming cold and dry northerlies and delayed entry of easterlies would be responsible for the pleasant climate in Chennai. This was as per some meteorologists.It was later mentioned by IMD that light to moderate easterlies or northeasterlies prevail over the TN region in the lower tropospheric levels.

On 22nd and on 23rd January 2023, IMD has also predicted light to moderate rains at one or two places over the south coastal TN, delta regions and in the adjoining districts. The convergence of easterlies and westerlies moving on different levels in the atmosphere would result in rainfall.

The rains might begin on 26th January in southern parts of TN and could lead to clouds in the northern parts like Chennai. He added that the city could experience above normal temperatures. This was mentioned by the famous weather blogger Mr. Pradeep John.

He explained that the rainfall activity might be supported by Madden Julian Oscillation, which is an eastward moving pulse of cloud and rainfall near the equator recurring every 30 to 60 days over the Indian Ocean. For the rest of January, the day temperatures might be the same but the night temperatures might increase. There might be a reduction in the night temperatures once again during the month of February.