Chennai man gets 20 years’ imprisonment for sexual assault of 5-year-old girl –

Chennai News

CHENNAI: A special court for POCSO cases in Chennai has sentenced a 29-year-old man to 20 years of imprisonment and slapped him with a fine of Rs 15,000 for the sexual assault of a 5-year-old in 2021.
The adolescent was sexually assaulted by her neighbour repeatedly for a month in 2021. The man lured the child into the house to play and sexually assaulted her. He threatened her with bodily harm and warned her against telling the crime to anyone.
Her mother, who was separated from her husband, was living with her parents at the time and found the child crying in pain. The child told her about the assault. She filed a complaint with the Peravallur all-woman police. The man was booked and arrested.
The judgement was pronounced on January 23 by sessions judge for exclusive trial of POCSO cases M Rajalakshmi.
The court directed the government to give the Rs 5 lakh as compensation along with the fine amount levied on the convict.