Kancheepuram medical college student sets fire to his luxury car after fight with girlfriend – Times of India

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CHENNAI: A medical student in Kancheepuram set fire to his Benz car, worth Rs 70 lakh, after a fight with his girlfriend on Thursday evening.
Kavin, 28, of Dharmapuri is a student in a private medical college in Kancheepuram. He and his girlfriend, who also studies in the same college, were sitting inside his car, which was parked near a pond in Rajakulam village, and chatting. Soon they picked up a fight with each other. Depressed over the fight, Kavin set his car on fire, according to police.
Villagers, who noticed the car on fire, alerted fire and rescue services personnel. However, the car had been gutted before they reached the spot.
The Kancheepuram taluk police were investigating.

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