CMDA suggests increasing FSI to 6.5 along Chennai Metro, MRTS corridors – The New Indian Express

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CHENNAI: For the first time in Tamil Nadu, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is mulling increasing the floor space index (FSI) for properties located along Chennai Metro Rail and MRTS corridors to 6.5. The earlier maximum permissible FSI limit across the state was 4.87. According to sources, the move is aimed at intensifying commercial development along transit lines, improving accessibility and mobility for jobs, and creating affordable housing in transit-oriented development zones.

A study, carried out by Gujarat-based Centre for Urban Planning and Policy (CUPP), Centre for Research on Architecture and Urbanism (CAU) and CEPT Research and Development Foundation, has divided development zones along railway lines into three categories based on policies and mechanisms followed in Mumbai, Gurugram, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

The categories are station area zones — plots within a 500m radius from entry and exit points of railway stations; transit-oriented development area zone 1 (TOD-1) — plots along and above the transit lines and plots abutting other identified corridors by CMDA; and TOD-2 — plots within TOD zone but not falling in TOD-1 or station area zones.

Under station area and TOD-1 zones, the FSI limit has been proposed to be increased to 6.5 (up from 4.87) for plot areas of 3,000 square metres and above with a right of way of 18m. In TOD-2, the study has proposed an FSI of 5.7 for a plot area of 3,000 square metres and above. The study said FSI utilization is influenced by plot size and right of way and plots less than 3,000 size will not be able to utilise FSI of more than 4.87.

FSI rules are implemented in Indian cities to limit the constructed area on a given plot size. For instance, an FSI of 1 allows one floor of 100 sq.ft. to be built on a 100 sq.ft. plot of land or two floors of 50 sq.ft. each on the same land. An FSI of 2 allows two floors of 100 sq.ft. on 100 sq.ft. land or four floors of 50 sq.ft. on the same land.

The earlier comprehensive mobility plan, which is being revised, had proposed an FSI of 2.5 along metro corridors and an FSI of 4 along the Outer Ring Road to boost development outside municipal limits.