Chennai’s latest restobar, Sundays, promises to be the city’s ‘everyday getaway’ – The Hindu

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In the middle of bustling Anna Nagar, there is now a new restobar for comfort food, pretty cocktails and conversations.

Sundays is run by mother-daughter duo Anitha Sivakumar and Shivita Sivakumar. In its previous life, the place housed the Hideout Bistro. Now, it aspires to be Chennai’s “everyday getaway”.

“While the pub and restobar culture in Chennai is growing, there is no place where one can have a drink and hear each other talk. My daughters and their friends are always off to Bengaluru or Goa because ‘that’s where the scene is’. I wanted to bring that scene here,” says Anitha, managing director of Sundays. 

There are comfortable teal-coloured sofas that can seat a party of six and the courtyard has tables for smaller groups. The space is filled with natural light, quirky decor and greenery. The bar is tucked away into a dimly-lit corner filled with retro art for those who would like to have the pub experience.

“We all eat and enjoy through our phone cameras first. So while putting the place together, I made sure to always click a picture before I approved the designs to see if it photographs well. I would take the cocktails and click pictures under every light to see what works,” says Shivita, joint managing director.

Signature cocktails – From the left: Bubble bath, Purple Rain & Matinee Show
| Photo Credit:
Velankanni Raj B

Purple Rain, one of their signature cocktails, indeed does photograph well. It is a gin-based drink with elderflower, tonic water and blue pea flower. It is refreshing, if rather sweet. Shivita also recommends Golden Hour in the gin-line. This is like a jolt of energy made with cold brew and tonic water.

The restobar’s food menu is extensive and has options across Indian, Chinese, Italian, and European cuisines. We try the paneer ghee roast. The dish is subtly spiced, tangy and is not overpowered by ghee. There is a chicken variant as well.

Malai Broccoli
| Photo Credit:
Velankanni Raj B

We also try their malai broccoli. The florets are cooked in creamy white gravy but retain a fresh crunch.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Andhra chilli chicken. Made with green chillies, it is served with a warning from the waiter. While the first bite makes one think if it is just a hype, subsequent chews unveil the spice.

“In the two-and-a-half years it took to put this place together, we have tasted the whole menu several times. Donne biryani or ghee roasts are legendary dishes and have been tweaked multiple times to achieve the authentic taste,” says Anitha.

Anitha says she has 12 years of experience as a restaurateur while Shivita was a student of Hotel Management and used to run the Hideout Bistro.

“Being a mother-daughter team that runs a restobar, we are breaking many boundaries. Now I am going to be running the show and she will take the back seat and monitor things,” says Shivita.

At Sundays a meal for two, including beverages, costs ₹2,000. It is located at Sundays – 101 D Block 6th Street, Anna Nagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102