Credai Chennai demands speedy implementation of development projects – The Hindu

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Credai Chennai has welcomed the decision to expand the Chennai Metropolitan Planning Area and demanded speedy implementation of development projects.

According to a press release from Credai Chennai, the population of the city is currently estimated at 1.2 crore, and by 2050, it is projected to touch 1.8 crore. Owing to the expansion of the area, the city’s population is expected to exceed 2 crore.

“The speedy rollout of the new master plan, detailed development plans and implementation of the same is of utmost importance. A replay of the OMR situation should be avoided at all cost. The OMR IT corridor’s foundation construction began 20 years ago, but even today, OMR residents lack access to drinking water and sewage systems. This kind of slow infrastructure development is unacceptable,” the release said.

Pointing to the delay of over 10 years to build the outer ring road, the release said such slow action will lead to unplanned growth in the expanded area. “We are expanding to foster planned urban development that will make the city more habitable and improve the quality of life for its citizens by building better schools, hospitals, metro rail and monorail systems, all of which are essential for growth.

“The bodies like CMDA should focus on planning and enforcement rather than focusing on planning permissions. If this process is automated, organisations like CMDA will be able to concentrate more on the growth and development of the infrastructure of the city. CREDAI Chennai urges the government to focus on implementation of development projects,” the release said.