Masthan’s brother held in murder case in Chennai – Times of India

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CHENNAI: Police on Thursday arrested the younger brother of D Masthan, 66, vice-chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission, for masterminding his murder.
Masthan was killed on December 22 and his driver Imran tried to pass it off as a heart attack. But a postmortem revealed Masthan was killed and Imran and four others were arrested on December 30.
Police said Masthan’s younger brother, D Kowse Adam Basha, 60, had a property dispute with Masthan and instigated Imran, who was his son-in-law, to murder the former MP. Police said they had gone through Imran’s call records and found that he had frequently called Adam Basha before and after Masthan’s death.
During interrogations, Imran told police that he had committed the murder based on the instigation of Adam Basha. Police included Adam Basha as one of the key accused in the case.
He has been remanded in judicial custody.
The immediate provocation was that Masthan asked Imran to return the ₹5 lakh he had borrowed.
While he was on his way to Trichy on December 22, Imran and his friends murdered Masthan.
They took him to hospital and claimed he had suffered a heart attack and died in the car. Masthan’s son noticed injuries on the nose of his father and lodged a police complaint.
The subsequent investigation uncovered the murder and the conspiracy.