Kilpauk: Five-year-old dies after iron gate falls on her – Times of India

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CHENNAI: A five-year-old girl was crushed to death after a sliding iron gate of a building complex in Kilpauk fell on her on Saturday night while the building’s security guard was closing the gate.
The severely injured girl died at midnight. The Kilpauk police arrested the security guard and the building’s manager on Sunday.
The incident took place at a complex on Harleys Road, Kilpauk. The structure has three gates entry, exit and another one between the two. The deceased S Harini Sree’s father Shankar worked as a valet parking driver at the complex. The family was residing at Nammalwarpet near Purasaiwalkam.
Police said Harini and her mother Vani would go to the complex to pick up Shankar on a scooter. Harini, a Class I student at a private school, would accompany her mother daily.
On Saturday, around 9.15 pm, as Harini was playing near one of the centre gates of the building, security guard Sampath tried to close the gate, but it slipped and came off, and fell on the girl.
Hearing a thud, passersby rushed to the spot and pulled Harini from under the gate. The girl was taken to Government Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, where she died later that night. Her body was sent for postmortem.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the sliding path of the gate was faulty, and that it collapsed and fell on the girl. On Sunday, police arrested Sampath and the building manager Srinivasan on charges of causing death by negligence.