Foreigners guests, but must follow law of land: Madras high court – Times of India

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CHENNAI: “Foreign nationals visiting India are our guests, but the law of the land comes to the protection of their life and liberty only when they too abide by such laws,” the Madras high court has said.
Justice M Dhandapani made the observation while dismissing anticipatory bail application moved by two South Korean nationals who are currently under house arrest on charges of GST violations of ?40 crore.
“All the laws towards safeguard of the life and liberty of individuals are only for persons, who respect, abide and follow the said laws and the said leverage is not for such of those persons, who flout the said laws for their gain to the detriment of the nation and its growth,” the court said.
Choi Yong Suk and Choe Jaewon are managing director and general manager of Chowel India PVT Limited. The duo was arrested for GST evasion in 2019 and remanded in Puzhal central prison. Later, in view of bail granted in their favour, they were lodged at the foreigners’ detention camp, Trichy.
Aggrieved, they moved the HC seeking bail and to be lodged in their own residence. The HC dismissed the plea in April 2020. They then moved the Supreme Court which permitted them to be detained in their residence.
While so, based on a complaint from their driver that they are trying to flee out of the country using forged documents, police registered FIR against them for offences including cheating under the IPC. Fearing arrest in the newly registered case, they moved the present bail application. The court refused any such relief.