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Five drunk men, who had poured hot oil on the owner of a hotel, his son and one of his staff, in Madambakkam near Chennai, were arrested by the police. Officials are also on the lookout for one more accused who is absconding.

CCTV footage showing one of the throwing oil on the owner, his son, and one of the staff.

By Akshaya Nath: Three people were injured after hot oil was thrown at them in a restaurant near Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu by a few drunk men. The entire incident was caught on a CCTV camera in the shop and police arrested five people involved in the incident. Officials are on the lookout for one more absconding accused.

The incident took place in Madambakkam, near Selaiyur. Two men, Ajith and Karthik, had come to a fast food joint at around 10.30 am asking for four packets of chicken rice. The restaurant workers made the requested quantity and at the time of delivery, the two customers refused to pay and said that they would pay at a later time. The restaurant owner denied this.


Later, at around 11.15 pm, the two drunk men, along with four more friends, arrived at the fast food joint and started abusing the owner, his son and the staff there. As the argument became heated, one of the drunk men threw hot oil which was on the stove at the owner, his son and one of the workers standing near the counter.

They also threw the stove and utensils on the counter and fled from the place. The entire incident was caught on the CCTV camera in the shop.

Selaiyur police, who came to the spot upon receiving information, rescued Jayamani (59), his son Manikandan (29) and employee Nemraj (29) from Nepal and admitted them to a hospital for treatment.

Following an investigation, police arrested five people, including Ajith, Karthik alias Hariharan, Pravin alias Jago, Siva, and Vicky from Madambakkam who were involved in this incident. Officials are on the lookout for one more accused who is currently absconding.

The five have been produced in court and have been imprisoned now. Further probe is underway to nab the absconding accused.

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