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Air pollution in Chennai has gotten worse before Bhogi


Chennai: According to reports, Chennai’s air quality has gotten worse in advance of the Bhogi festival, and a yellow alert (prolonged exposure might cause discomfort) was issued when the air quality index (AQI) crossed the 100 mark.

The monitoring station in Manali recorded a surge in PM 2.5 concentration of up to 321 g/m3, with the AQI at 193, Perungudi at 113, and Kodungaiyur at 107.
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The prominent pollutant in all the stations is PM2.5 which is a tiny particulate matter of diameter 2.5 or less than 2.5 microns that can enter deep into the lungs. The National Ambient Air Quality (NAAQ) standard for PM 2.5 is 60 µg/m3.

Early in the morning, the regional meteorological centre issued a mist and haze warning, which is mostly to blame for the rise in pollution levels. According to a TNPCB official, pollution levels can be high till January 17.

“Increase in pollution levels can be attributed to lack of wind and low temperature. The current wind pattern will be bringing industrial emissions from Ennore directly into the city and there is pollution from vehicles, construction activity, and road dust. All these pollutants circulate at surface level in the absence of wind and cold weather.”

According to the officials, several monitoring teams have been established to make sure that waste items like used rubber goods, plastics, tyres, tubes, etc. are not burned anymore.

The point is that Chennai’s high pollution levels are likely caused by a lack of wind and a cold climate.

The present wind pattern would bring pollution from the numerous enterprises at Ennore right into the city.