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CHENNAI: The largest global hub of NielsenIQ (NIQ), a global information services company, with more than 2,500 employees was inaugurated virtually by Chief Minister MK Stalin on Monday.

The NIQ Chennai Capability Centre is among the company’s six global hubs and the first among the three that are being planned in India. The other two will be set up in Pune and Vadodara. The three Indian hubs will have a combined headcount of more than 5,000 employees, according to a spokesperson of NIQ.

The State government recently unveiled a policy framework for Global Capability Centres which are technology centres of foreign companies in India. The decision of locating such offshore facilities is primarily driven by factors such as low-cost manpower, availability of skilled resources, scalability, language proficiency, availability of seamless connectivity and infrastructure.

“Our new hub in Chennai is integral to our growth as it will be the heart of our digital transformation agenda. Here, we will harness the power of data science, engineering, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to give our clients an even more detailed understanding of the retail landscape and shopper behaviour,” said Mohit Kapoor, global chief technology officer, NielsenIQ.

The Chennai hub, which will be the largest NIQ hub in the world, will serve the company’s key markets such as the US. “Our aim is to onboard over 2,000 associates by the end of 2022, including data scientists, data analysts, experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning and specialists in cyber security. We project this headcount to grow 10% year-on-year over the next three years. We are confident that our hub strategy, driven largely from Chennai, will power our future growth and enable us to achieve our ambitious goals to define the next century of consumer and retail measurement,” said Kapoor.

Information Technology Secretary Neeraj Mittal welcomed NIQ to Tamil Nadu. “Trickle will soon be a deluge. Tamil Nadu is a leading State in the area of applying data analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning technologies to public policy and governance. We are looking forward to collaborating (with companies),” he said.

Why TN

Global Capability Centres (GCCs) today comprise over 25% of the IT or Business Process Management industry, growing faster than third-party providers

Tamil Nadu is the most attractive location for enterpise GCCs given the talent availability at the intersection of industry domain and technology

Reputable global companies such as Citigroup, Standard Chartered and American Express in the 1990s, to Ford and Caterpillar a decade later, and Barclays, PayPal and TransUnion in recent years, have made a beeline for Tamil Nadu

90% of GCC jobs are based in Tier-1 and Tier-II cities

India has a 56%market share in global GCC market with revenues expected to touch around 
$35.9 billion